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Paper money collectors can be broadly divided into two major categories. Some are Specialized Paper Currency (SPC) collectors, whose interest lies in the currency of a particular country; others are World Paper Money (WPM) collectors. Within each category, one can be either a general collector or a specialized collector. The goal of a general collector is to collect at least one paper currency of each country, whereas the goal of a specialized collector is to collect everything available in a particular area. I see myself as both an SPC collector and a WPM collector. 

As an SPC collector, I have created three special exhibits for your viewing pleasure. These exhibits include paper currency from the USA, India, and United Kingdom.


As a WPM collector, I have tried to acquire at least one sample of paper currency from each paper currency-issuing country. You may view them either from the Country Index or by continent.

Special Exhibit – USA
The USA exhibit shows how currency looked during British rule and how each state’s currency looked. It is divided into eight (8) categories: Colonial, Continental, Obsolete, Fractional, National, Large, Modern, and Theme Park.
Special Exhibit – India
The India exhibit is divided into seven (7) categories: Private Bank, British India, Portuguese India, French India, Princely India, Burma Pak Gulf/Haj, and Modern India.  
The Private Bank category has been further divided into 
Bank of Bengal, Bank of Bombay, Bank of Madras, and Oriental Bank.
The British India category has been divided into Victoria Series, George V, George VI, and Cash Coupons.


Special Exhibit – United Kingdom 

The United Kingdom exhibit is a relatively new collection. For now, the currency is divided into the three (3) categories of Old British currency, British Armed Forces currency and Modern currency. 


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