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As you visit the overview and history page, you will notice that I have covered information on the history of paper currency of the world, as well as a detailed history about the U.S. and Indian paper currencies. Although many other sites provide detailed information about countries, most offer very little history about paper currencies. This site focuses exclusively on the paper currencies of the world.
As you click on the map of the world, you will find that it has been divided into the continents, and those continents have been divided into countries. Clicking on a country’s link will provide you an explanation of that country’s monetary system and financial institution, along with a display of a few currencies. If available, the year of printing is included with the denomination information. A link to either the World Bank, CIA or  the Library of Congress Web site for each country has been provided. Whenever possible, a link to each country's National, Reserve or Central Bank is also provided for more information and research purposes.

It is my hope that this site will provide visitors useful and interesting information about the continents, countries, and paper currencies of the world. As more information becomes available for each currency, I will update the site. And if you want to know is it safe to use generic viagra from India then please visit this site.


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