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Although I choose external links with care, I do not guarantee the content or the availability of the resources provided. These third-party Web sites are not under my control, and I am not responsible for the content displayed on any of the listed Web sites.

AltaVista TranslatorThis link is useful to anyone who wants to translate a Web site or a block of text from one language to another.

Atlantic Collectionsite is an excellent source of buying and selling paper currency or coins of the world.

ATS-Banknotes DealerThis worldwide paper currency dealer`s Web site offers a wide selection of old and modern paper currency of most countries.

Capitals of Every CountryExcellent site to know the names of the capitals of each independent country in the world.

Central Banks of the World This one-of-a-kind Web site contains an extensive list of official Web sites for all the central and national banks of the world.

CIA - World FactBookThe CIA`s official Web site contains a detailed description of all the countries of the world.

Country Comparison by Size (Area)This is a CIA website, where you can get the ranking by the area for each country in the world.

Create your own MONEYCreate your own Money, Calender etc

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