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Although I choose external links with care, I do not guarantee the content or the availability of the resources provided. These third-party Web sites are not under my control, and I am not responsible for the content displayed on any of the listed Web sites.

Currency Convertor - YahooThis site is helpful in converting U.S. currency to foreign currency.

Detail information for any countryVery usefull site. You can check the currency for every country.

Directory of DealersThis site is an excellent source for any paper currency collector who is seeking a dealer for his or her specialized needs.

Flags and Map of the WorldThis site is an excellent source for anyone who is interested in world maps and flags.

Heritage Auction GalleryThis site is a good place to keep track of what is new and for sale; it also provides a list of upcoming auction lots.

IBNS - International Bank Note SocietyThis site provides information about numismatic associations and museums.

Library of CongressThis official U.S. government Web site is an excellent source of detailed information on any country of the world.

Novelty Paper MoneyThis link is useful to anyone who is interested in novelty paper money.

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