U.S. History


A History of United States Paper Money



Today, some paper bills have either a larger metallic, or smaller colored threads woven into the paper.

Ultra-Violet (UV) Ink

In an effort to foil counterfeiting, UV ink is printed over an area already featuring standard printing. This ink is only visible in special lighting.


This security device is meant to discourage counterfeiters. Placed onto the paper before printing, watermarks appear in blank spots on the bill and are visible when held up to the light.

Interesting Facts about U.S. Currency

The Treasury Seal has appeared on every single piece of American currency since 1862. Although it is featured in several different forms and colors, the seal contains the Scales of Justice and a key representing authority. Thirteen stars (one for each of the original colonies) separate the two. The signatures of two Treasury officials adorn each legal tender design in American paper currency history, with the exception of the first two fractional (less than $1) designs.

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