U.S. History


A History of United States Paper Money


National Bank Notes (1863-1935)

These notes were printed by the federal government, but issued by banks with national charters and backed by securities held at the U.S. Treasury.

Small Sized Currency

The United States began issuing currency that was about 25% smaller than the Large Sized Currency it had been issuing. All notes in this series contain dimensions of 6 1/8 " wide by 2 5/8" tall. All six types of Small Sized Currency (listed below) had larger versions that preceded them.

Legal Tender/United States Notes (1862-1966)

The longest running types of currency, these notes were dated from 1862-1923 in the Large Sized variety and 1928-1966 in the Small Size variety. Backed only by the good word of the government, these notes were a fiat currency. These notes ranged in denomination from $1 to $1000.

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