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The Resource Center provides links to third-party Web sites that are not under my control, and I am not responsible for the content displayed at any linked web site. 

Free software for all Web masters. This site is full of free software for all Web masters. It includes utilities, applications, and useful tools that can help create thumbnails to keep track of the time you spend online.

Free online generator This free online generator makes it easy to create custom rollover or mouseover buttons, or images for your Web page. You may use any two images of your choice. You simply open the generator to view samples and create your own custom rollover code.

Free online HTML (WYSIWYG) Web page maker This free online HTML (WYSIWYG) Web page maker allows you to design your own Web page without installing any software on your computer.

Web development news This site offers Web development news, and free Web master tools, services and interesting articles.

Teaching and learning These excellent resources involve peer-to-peer teaching and learning. I encourage all visitors to become involved in the early stages of Web site production.

Internet copyright law and enforcement of such law This site offers up-to-date information about Internet copyright laws and the enforcement of these laws through the cooperation of international, domestic, federal, state, and local statutes, laws and ordinances.

Any horizontal or vertical scroll on different resolution. This site helps users determine if their site has any horizontal or vertical scroll on different resolution.

To evaluate and optimize your site This site assists users who want to evaluate and optimize their sites.

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