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Mr. Denny Lancaster of the Talking Hands Award Program and Rev. Dan Wheeler of the Dove Award Program,  (Talking Hands Award Program),  (The Dove Award Program),

Mr. Vance Elderkin of the Internet Beacon Award Program 
Mr. Tony Duthoo of Vie's Inn of Wonders Award Program
Ms. Sandra Gerbers of Time Keeper Award Program
I also want to thank Mr. Grant Marylander, General Counsel and Vice-President of Business Affairs of the Atlantic Collection Web site, for his permission to use one of their articles on the world history of paper currency. This article deals with the history of currency and on my site is 21 pages in length to which this article is used word for word with such permission given to do so.
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The site is designed to make information available to the community of numismatists with an interest in world banknotes. The main objective is to gather and share knowledge. This site is purely informational and educational, and is not for any commercial purpose. 

Donations of any paper currency or their digital scans are welcome and will be sincerely appreciated and acknowledged.
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I strive to make your visit here a pleasant experience. I agree to take immediate action to correct any errors on my part.

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