My Achievements

Human Resources        Have completed numerous courses related to this field. Information Technology (IT) - Training        My professional training and membership certificates related to the Information Technology (IT) industry. Italian Graffiti         New Business I started on March 07 2012. Man of the Year-Who is Who         My Man of the Year award and I was also invited to join the most presitigeous organization of Who is Who. Management Training        My professional management training certificates from the University of Florida, Howard University and the Small Business Administration (SBA). My Legal American Postage Stamps         My United states of America Postage Stamps. New York University        Completion of Construction Project Management. OSHA Training        Finished OSHA 10 and OSAH 30 training. Other Misc Activities & Awards        My pictures from United States Postal Services (USPS) and Boeing Computer Service (BCS) award presentations. Pictures         PMP        Project Management Program Political Accomplishments and Awards        Awards that I have received for actively supporting or working with both political parties of the U.S. for worthy causes.
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