KISS - Labore &c. Praemium Award

Feb 06 2008 (From: USA, North America)

Congratulations! "World Paper Currency Gallery," has been selected to receive our premier website award, "Labore &c. Praemium"! You have an outstanding website that meets our award criteria! Quite frankly, no matter how often it happens, we are always a little amazed when a site actually meets our requirements. Our requirements of "simplicity" and "elegance" are harder to achieve than many might suppose.

Again, Congratulations, and thank you for adding a great site to the web!

Pars cantandi pars saltandi
Et in bracas pars bullarum
(Sung to the tune of the Westminster Chimes)

J. R. Martin, Keepitsimplestu...(KISS) Websites Designer

KISS - Labore &c. Praemium Award
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