UWSAG Top 10 Gold Award

January 14 2009 (From: Belgium, Europe)


It was the time of the year again that UWSAG selects the Top10-program winners.

The Top10 program is a reward program where UWSAG level 6.0-rated programs choose once a year among all the Seal of Approval nominees, those nominees they feel deserve an extra award. (in 3 levels: gold, silver or bronze)
The reasons for this can be multiple: excellent design, perfect conduct as an award seeker, a continuous effort to improve,…
Congratulations!!  This year we, the level 6.0 rated programs, have decided to grant you the gold Top10 award for 2008
Carry this award with pride, as it’s not only a token from the best of the best of Award Programs… it’s also a token to the best of the best of Award seekers, namely YOU.
You are now listed under the winners of the Top10 award with screenshot and personalized laudation from the Award Program that nominated you
(For your information: a top10 award counts as 10 awards of that level in level 6.0… this goes also for multiple wins regardless of level)
Thank you for the magnificent work!!!
On behalf of UWSAG and the level 6.0-rated AP’s,

UWSAG Top 10 Gold Award
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