Pelaqita Gold Award

April 15 2009 (From: USA, North America)


Hello Arvind:


Congratulations.  Attached to this email is our "Gold" award


Laudation:   This web site is a showcase of the paper money of the world, but this site is much more than just an educational tool.  I have watched this site grow and improve over time with the web master learning and bringing new techniques to his web site to show case his "money" and web making talent.   This site is huge and the time that it must take to make sure that all the external links are working must be immense, but this web master is diligent in making sure that this is done.  I commend him and this site.  Thank you for asking me to evaluate this site for an upgrade, it certainly deserves the highest honors of a Gold.


Susan MacArthur

Pelaqita Persians Award Program

Pelaqita Gold Award
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