Nodus Silver Award


Dear Arvind Agarwal

We have evaluated


Your site achieved an overall score of 74/100 and therefore qualifies for a Nodus Silver Award. Congratulations!!

Silver is given to designers of high quality websites and is fairly difficult to win. Winning sites are of a high quality both in terms of appearance and functionality but lack the 'wow factor' needed for Gold status. To gain this award the applicant(s) must score between 70 and 89 points.

It must have taken a huge amount of time and effort to collect and scan all the currency data. To be able to organise it in a logical and clear format is highly commendable. We were very impressed with the navigation and content. Graphically, we thought the sitemap/contact area with the sheets of paper/notes poking out worked brilliantly. If you could keep this standard of visual presentation for the content of every page we believe an even higher score could be achieved. Nodus Awards is a difficult program so you can be very proud, we really enjoyed our visit.  

Warmest Regards


Nodus Silver Award
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