The Dove Legacy Award - Certificate


January 5th 2009 (From: USA, North America)

I greet you into this new year and pray blessings upon you and yours. As a butterfly goes through many changes to become a thing of beauty, the evolvement of your site has done such. The AKA World Bank note web site has gone through a great change indeed leaving a lasting legacy to those who come and visit your site. Going through your site page from page to page reading the valuable information was very informing and interesting. Your improved navigation and page transformation is superb and is among the best on the Internet today. Your codes and badges are all in order, the color balance is excellent and overall your site is outstanding.

It is with great honor that our staff award you with "The Legacy Award" for your outstanding improvement in the past year. Let it be known that The AKA World Bank Note. com web site has made the difference. "When you know you have made a difference" awarded this 5th day of January in the year 2009.

Rev. Daniel L. Wheeler and the panel of 7
The Dove Award Program

The Dove Legacy Award - Certificate
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