Pemaweb Silver Award

Hello Arvind


yours thanks you quite cordially for the invitation to be allowed to go and judge to pages the pemaweb award team.


A visit on your web site forms himself like a journey by the world of the paper money of all states of the earth. A various one hardly puts conceivable work, the time and effort in your pages. One can also absolutely this imagine here, this work will never end. Your pages present themselves in a pleasant design and a user friendly navigation so that it gives the visitor a fun to rummage in your home page. We are of the opinion that your pages represent a very good money-making on the Internet and therefore would like to honor your effort and te rrific work with the pemaweb award into silver. We hope that you accept this award and have a little joy with that.


Kind greetings

Peter and the Pemaweb team.

Germany, Braunschweig March 18th, 2008

Pemaweb Silver Award
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