Award of Paradise in Gold

September 07 2009 (Von: Austria, Europe)


Congratulations Arvind Agarwal !
After a careful evaluation of your site *World Paper Currency Gallery* our evaluator team are I happy to say, congratulation to your Award upgrade. The Award of Paradise in Gold is a special award given by our Award Program just to outstanding web sites, in design or content, or show to have some special characteristics, which makes a web site different and unique. Your web site is one of them.
World Paper Currency Gallery is suitable for all ages, it contains over 3000 front and back images of paper currency of over 300 countries of the world including some countries which do not exist anymore. I consider this site to be very informative and educational as well.
Your web site has 3 special exhibits for Unites States, United Kingdom and India. These special exhibits contain a very extensive and hard to find images of the front and back of paper currencies.
The World Paper Currency Gallery is now bi-lingual in German and English and all pages of English version are now section 508 compliant (WAI)and all pages of English Site are also W3C and CSS validated.


I really enjoyed my visit on your website and keep up the very good and hard work. Once again, Congratulations !


Regards, Franz Boigner - Vienna, 7. September 2009
Award of Paradise - Award Program

Award of Paradise in Gold
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