Michael's Award of Excellence (Gold)

July 13 2009 (From: Germany, Europe)



A friendly hello to you Arvind,

Thank you very much for your kind application for my humble award. In the meantime I checked out your homepage several times and I enjoyed it and even admired it very much. Now the ranking for your site is fixed.


Congratulations: score 104 at the first shot - this means GOLD  !!!


Paper money as art in a gallery - this is the very interesting subject of Arvind Agarwal's homepage. Are you a collector of paper currency? Do you want to know about the history of paper currency in Asia and especially India, Europe or US? Or do you just want to admire handsome and rare paper currency from all over the world? Well, than a visit on the "World Paper Currency Gallery" is definitively a must. The creator of the gallery has spent huge efforts to get all this information and graphics together, including an overview on Special Exhibits, a 'Did you know' and a chapter 'about us'. In addition the site is available in English and German language.

Keep on with your good work and enjoy the award!


Greetings from Germany


Michael's Award of Excellence (Gold)
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