A.D.A Silver Award

Dear Arvind
is certainly worthy of the prize that we are sending!


With a score of 88 points, we will assign the A.D.A SILVERAWARD!
In addition to the Award (in jpg) we sent the following LAUDATIO:
Arvind Agarwal & Son in their web site
fulfill their purpose in a magnificent way.
With a sober design, clean composition and a very well written content they lead the general viewer to that peculiar world of the paper currency. However this Web site was not designed only for beginners, experts can find here the right stuff for their search thanks not only to the content itself but with the help to the links which they offer.

So AkaWorldBankNotes is an example, in every aspect, of what must be a didactic site and a lesson to those who want to do the same in the teaching fields.


Accept my best regards
Catarina Lassi
Team Manager
por A.D.A. (Advertising - Design - Art) AWARD

September 14 2008

A.D.A Silver Award
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